Movement Tracks Project, officially launched in February 2017, is a collaboration between therapists and musicians to create new methods in music composition and recording, utilizing brain-based music technology to help people walk again. The Movement Track’s team, who includes: Producer & Owner/President of The Center for Music Therapy, Hope Young; Lead Composer, Cassie Shankman; Lead Engineer, Steven Bartlett; and Lead Music Therapist, Emily Morris, have made historic original musical recordings for use in biotechnologies, to help specifically, children with Cerebral palsy and adults with Parkinson’s disease to walk better and help reduce falls. This project has shown how music’s power as a core catalyst can restore, maintain, and enhance health through the biotechnologies developed.


The project was launched by the Center for Music Therapy, based in Austin, Texas, over two years ago. The Center for Music Therapy has been dedicated to over 25 years of making music therapy, and other sensory-based interventions, more accessible to consumers by providing traditional and non-traditional therapies, treatment services, programs, classes, technologies and products.


The Movement Tracks Project has successfully partnered with Biodex Medical System on the integration of this original medical music into Biodex’s GT3 (Gait Trainer 3), which is being used by patients and therapists all over the world for treatment. The medical music recordings are licensed specifically for use with biotechnologies such as the Biodex system. The compositions have a precise design meant to merge with the advanced analytics embedded within the GT3 system, making the treatment more personalized for the patients using it. The music not only helps improve the overall experience of treatment, but also the outcomes.

The project recently spoke as an official panel session for SXSW 2017 – Movement Tracks: Where Biotech and Music Converge. You can watch the full presentation here


The Team


Hope Young – Executive Producer

Hope Young, MT-BC, is founder and President of the Center for Music Therapy, Inc. in Austin, Texas as well as Executive Director of Soundwell Austin (501c3). Ms. Young is a leading innovator and driving force behind the concept and development of a music and biotechnology sector in Texas. She speaks and consults nationally and internationally on music therapy and technology. She can be found on television, radio, and in print media having been featured on such programs as the BBC and CBS 48 Hours with Dan Rather, educating the public about music therapy and promoting music's integration in biotech. 


Stephen Bartlett – Lead Engineer

An Australian music producer and engineer with 7 top ten records and charting records in18 countries, Stephen is also the CEO and Co-Founder of The Audio Hunt, and the lead engineer and producer on the Movement Tracks Project, which explores the cutting edge of recorded music therapy development and interfaces for patients with acute Parkinson's Disease and Cerebral Palsy. If he's not in the studio, or working at The Audio Hunt, you'll likely find him with friends on a bike, climbing a cliff, or enjoying fine food, wine, whiskey and cocktails.


Emily Morris – Lead Music Therapist 

Emily is the lead music therapist at the Center for Music Therapy. She works with all our diverse clients and programs. Emily has a strong passion for working with older adults. Her heart and music have a special affinity for creating pathways for person's with dementia to recall their life and create a special place for them to be with others, sharing moments once thought lost. Emily studied Music Therapy at Florida State University, graduated in 2011, and served her internship at Big Bend Hospice in Tallahassee, Florida. She is a board certified-music therapist.



Andrew Gonzales – Video Producer

Andrew Gonzales is Creative Digital Director and Producer at Digestible Media, with over ten years of experience offering diverse event management and marketing skills. Notable projects include: Univision, Absolut Vodka, Mike’s Harder Lemonade, TEDx, Stuff The Bus, San Antonio Center City Development, CENTRO San Antonio, House our Heros, Center for Health Care Services, The Center for Music Therapy, San Antonio Better Blocks, The Austin Chronicle Special Events, Fun Fun Fun Fest, SXSW, The Irons Austin, 98.5 The Beat, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, ESPN

Cassie Shankman – Lead Composer

Cassie Shankman is an Austin-based composer/orchestrator, pianist and DJ (Cass&Ra). As a composer and orchestrator, she has been recognized for her work with film, visual artists, chamber groups, wind ensembles, apps, musicals, and music therapy technology. As a performer and DJ, she's played with legendary musicians such as jazz trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, and DEVO's frontman Mark Mothersbaugh, and has DJ'd for audiences of 3,000+ people. As a proponent for music education, Cassie is the co-founder and head of marketing for Picardy Learning, an interactive platform for developing theory and musicianship skills. 


Kristen Barta – Lead Physical Therapist / Researcher 

In 2008 she completed her Doctor in Physical Therapy from Boston University with a focus on education for her final comprehensive project. Since completion of her DPT, she has become Board Certified in Neurological Physical Therapy and successfully completed her certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation through Emory University and the American Physical Therapy Association. Currently she is working on her PhD in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. Her area of research will focus on balance, mobility and quality of life in the geriatric population.

Other team players include: Malcolm Harper, Michael Mordecai, Niamh Fahy, Sean Bailey, Jessica Fagre-Perry, Jacque Brown, Sabrina Grounds, Heather Wagner Reed, Tyler Merriman, Steve Mesur, Charlie Thompson, Donna Kawasaki, Paul O'Brien, John Zozzaro, Blayre Pena, Ray Benson, Tre Nagella, Quincy Jackson, Oliver Laurence